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Student Chapter

The first EMBS student organization is called a Student Chapter, a formal and fully recognized IEEE organization. The second EMBS student organization is called a Student Club, an informal EMBS organization. Many opportunities exist for the biomedical engineering student, and the Student Branch Chapter and Student Club within EMBS.


Our Mission

Τhe IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society advances the application of engineering sciences and technology to medicine and biology, promotes the profession, and provides global leadership for the benefit of its members and humanity by disseminating knowledge, setting standards, fostering professional development, and recognizing excellence.

Specifically by:

  • advancing medicine and biology through the application of engineering sciences and technology,
  • promoting the profession of biomedical engineering, fostering professional development and recognizing excellence,
  • presenting conferences that bring together scientists, engineers and physicians from multiple disciplines to disseminate knowledge and solve complex problems,
  • establishing technical standards,
  • providing global leadership for the profession,
  • encouraging the development, dissemination, integration, and utilization of knowledge in biomedical engineering and other allied fields among students, faculty, and staff at University of Patras,
  • exposing engineering students to non-technical issues that they may encounter in the workforce as professional engineers,
  • acting as a liaison between biomedical engineering students and biomedical engineering faculty,
  • encouraging good communication among biomedical engineering students, faculty and other organizations,
  • attracting more industry involvement in student activities, by providing a website for the students to meet others who share their interests, as well as network with professionals in academia and industry, both formally and informally,
  • providing students with up-to-date information about new developments and or improvements in biomedical engineering and other allied fields, consistently; therefore, giving them a competitive edge over their peers in the job market.


Membership Promotion

Membership in this society is a very wise choice for those individuals interested in continued biomedical engineering education.


Field of Interest

The Society's field of interest covers a very broad spectrum ranging from formalized mathematical theory through experimental science and technological development to practical clinical applications. It includes support of scientific, technological and educational activities.



Our chapter is has already planned plenty of events, which are part of a general future planning.