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IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.


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University of Patras 

The University of Patras offers an exciting and dynamic learning and research environment that provides its students with high level programs of studies.

The University consists of four Schools, one more is under establishment, with twenty-two Departments.

Each Department corresponds to a University discipline area and is the basic academic unit whose study program leads to a specific degree. Departments covering relative discipline areas constitute a School, which has mainly coordinating authority. The Departments are divided into Divisions corresponding to smaller and distinct parts of the major scientific discipline of the Department. Within each Division there are specific Laboratories and Clinics, which operate under specific internal rules and procedures.


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In today's competitive world, cross-industry synergies and research collaborations have become a necessary core competency, making clusters increasingly important.

Corallia - the Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative is a public-private partnership, aiming at boosting competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, in knowledge-intensive and exports-oriented technology segments, where Greece has the capacity to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem and can attain a worldwide competitive advantage.

Corallia portrays the mutual vision of all innovation ecosystem actors, including industry, academia, research labs, VCs, business angels and regional and central government.


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LOUX Marlafekas

Loux constitutes the biggest purely Greek company in the sector of soft drinks and juices, while keeping firmly the 3rd place in the market, after the two well-known multinational corporations.

Recognizing the fundamental importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, Loux supports a series of actions, such as environmental protection, support of local communities and assistance of the vulnerable social groups.


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Super Cargo travel

Super Cargo is a quickly established company in Ferry booking and Forwarding by promoting its dynamic profile and offering its customers effective services. The flexibility and the appropriate use of an entire system of co-operators, technological and organizational infrastructure and the special interest for each case as well, consist to the comparative advantages of Super Cargo. The company specializes in forwarding and shipping vehicles carrying a difficult cargo - living animals, special transports, dangerous goods - and it has taken responsibility for the majority of these transports in Greece.


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