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ieeeThe Greek Student Associations of Universities of Stanford (Hell.AS), Berkeley (Hestia) and MIT (HSA of MIT) in the U.S., with the cooperation of Corallia, organize for the third consecutive year the program Educational Trip and invite you to join and visit for one week a university of a global range, with the support of the institution Bodossaki and the company Sunlight.


As every year, under the Program, participants will have the opportunity to attend classes, lectures and seminars, according to their academic interests, to visit technology companies and research centers in Silicon Valley, in Berkeley and San Francisco or Cambridge and Boston.

This year the program expands even more, giving an opportunity for a total of 15 students to participate in the program, as the Greek Association of Students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is included, one of the greatest universities in the world in technological fields.

The purpose of the educational trip is for Greek students to see how these three universities work, the interaction between universities and business ecosystems and research centers that support the leadership of universities, and discover a wealth of technological applications that can implement the future knowledge gained in undergraduate studies.

Hope of all those involved in organizing the program and vision of Corallia is that the students who will take part in this trip, will return more integrated and well positioned in terms of education, ideas and suggestions on how to improve Greek universities and to give themselves a boost to fellow students to act and to overthrow the existing academic culture.

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