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A. Membership Promotion

Activities that have promoted our chapter membership are EMB Day, Open Coffees included to the schedule of every event of the Seminar Series, as well as other info sessions to which we have participated.

The EMB Day was the first event of the academic year, that was held in order to inform the academic, research and student public on our initiative to create a group within the IEEE, which deals with the Biomedical Engineering.

About half an hour of Open Coffee was included both to every Seminar and meeting of our members, so that new members be informed for our goals and future planning and be recruited.

Moreover, we were presented in other student events, such as IEEE Day and presentations of university student teams. During these events promotional brochures of IEEE and IEEE EMBS were handed out.

The result of these attempts was to register 23 new members in one year and gain the support of many postgraduate students. Our team's membership, consisted of undergraduate and postgraduate students from diverse disciplines (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Medicine, Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering, Computer Engineering & Informatics, Computer Science in Medicine / Bioinformatics) is in continuous increase, considering the promotion of our chapter in cooperation with all the university student teams, as well as the panhellenic IEEE Student Branch network, which is strong in Greece since last year.

Moreover, in promoting our chapter, we have designed and created t-shirts and sweatshirts with our logo for our members.


B. Education

Activities that have promoted biomedical engineering education are the Seminar Series.

The Seminar Series, consisted of eight (8) independent seminars on different Biomedical Engineering areas (Bioinformatics & Genomics, Robotic Surgery, Tissue Engineering, Neural Engineering, Fuzzy Systems, Plasma & Laser Technology in Biomedicine, Biomedical Imaging) contributed to an initial familiarization of our members and our fellow students with Bioengineering, to the deepening in various issues of Bioengireering, to the acquirement of basic background in order to be used in the future in research issues and to the initiating cooperation between students, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs in a country with poor biomedical structure.


C. Professional Development

Activities that have contributed to the professional development of our members are the Seminar Series, the Hellenic Startup in Biomed and the attendance to the 6th International Summer School on Emerging Technologies in Biomedicine.

Regarding the Seminar Series, the contact with students with common interests, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs resulted to a staunch acceptance by them and a strong network foundation, in which the members of our chapter benefit prestige and opportunities in their interest area, such as access to university laboratories and research centers, counseling, practice development and even thesis taking up by all the parts of the network.

During the "Hellenic Startup in BioMed: Uncovering Endless Opportunities" students, professors and entrepreneurs, distinguished in their field, spoke on Greece's future through entrepreneurship and its connection with the young student. Entrepreneurs advised aspiring young entrepreneurs, so that they be able to realise their creativity, while responding to contemporary social needs. The last and main part of the event is the Biomed Contest, where 10 groups of ambitious young people presented their business idea, based on the needs and principles of Biomedical Engineering scientific field, with awards up to 1000 €. The event was organized by our chapter, supported by companies and organizations, such as Hellenic Start-Up Association, Co-Lab Workspace, Microsoft Innovation Center, Corallia Clusters Initiative, HTC, Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs and Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.

The 6th International Summer School on Emerging Technologies in Biomedicine (Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Approached for the Analysis of Complex Biological Networks), where our team contributed voluntary to its organization and many of our members attended it, aimed to teach students and young scientists about some of the most important new directions in biomedical research. The presentations consisted of a series of invited talks and tutorials given by experts of major research groups.


D. Community Service

Activities that have been of service to the community are a series of actions organized or supported by our chapter, such as environmental protection, support of local communities and assistance of the vulnerable social groups (financial support of local non-governmental organizations). In addition, our team participated in volunteer actions of the IEEE Branch of the University of Patras.

In the future, in cooperation with other student teams of our university, we also plan to visit local high schools, in order to inform students about future possibilities in volunteer teams and spark their interest in biomedical engineering.


E. Social Activities

Social activities that have promoted interaction among students, as well as between professionals and students, are the casual entertaining meetings and open coffees, usually combined with official meetings, as well as group trips, such as in Barcelona (May 2012).

Moreover, just before Christmas Holiday IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter and Fellow IEEE EMBS Student Chapter of University of Patras arranged their first social event to celebrate the end of the year. During this event the members from both chapters had the opportunity to meet each other and most importantly, exchange opinions and knowledge as all of them have different scientific backgrounds such as Electrical and Computer Engineering, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Biology. Last but not least, the members of the IEEE Student Branch University of Patras enjoyed the event and had a great time and a lot of fun.

We should not also skip the participation in networking and social events, such as the IEEE Hellenic Student Branch Congress 2012, which was held in Patras in 14th -16th of December 2012.


F. Communication

Ways, in which we have maintained/promoted communication among our members and with other groups, are the website, casual newsletters and social networks (i.e. facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube).

In particular, newsletters have been scheduled twice a month to a mailing list of 833 email addresses collected during every seminar (through registration lists) and by the website newsletter subscriptions. Our newsletters have frequently been published to the local and panhellenic press, portals and blogs, as well as IEEE region8news.

The website, through which several of our events were broadcasted live, is structured to specific sections such as activities (seminars, other events, announcements, newsletters), general news, links, useful information about bioengineering, subscriptions and multimedia (with stuff such as photos, videos and presentations of the lectures), in order to be a benchmark for people generally interested in Bioengineering.

Last but not least, our members participated to the organization and the attendance of every activity of the local IEEE Student Branch, such us IEEE Day, Study Abroad, IEEE Hellenic Student Branch Congress, etc.

Indicative press releases:

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Indicative links referring to our chapter's activities:


G. Future Planning

First noteworthy is the fact that our chapter follows a long-term plan. The initial plan (theory-practice, research-entrepreneurship, cooperation, social responsibility, promotion-continuous recruitment) has been followed and will continue to do so. This is supported by the strong foundations guaranteed by the participation of non-final year students and members with experience and excellent organizational skills, as well as the network of students with common interests, professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, that has been established during our first year of actions.

The financial planning was created during the end of the previous academic year and the beginning of the current, in cooperation with the local IEEE Student Branch and the funding has been already gathered.

Our plan for the future includes the expansion of our knowledge through additional seminars, workshops and conferences that will lead to the development of new projects to be presented in conferences/start-up events. We are focused on the continuation of our social responsibility profile through collaboration, activities and projects.


  • Three (3) events have already been scheduled for the next semester, where with the participation of distinguished professors, entrepreneurs and students are going to participate: "Telemedicine" (21st February), "Robotics & Virtual Reality in Medicine (March), "Hellenic Startup in BioMed" (April).
  • Projects are currently being implemented by our members and during the next semester new members will undertake new ones.
  • Visits to research centers and laboratories, such us the Robotic Surgery Clinic of Athens Medical Center, in order to get acquainted with Robotic Surgical Machine Da Vinci, after invitation of one of our distinguished lecturers.
  • Keep up with the community service with emphasis to visiting local high schools (as mentioned in Community Service), in cooperation with other student teams of our university, in order to inform students about future possibilities in volunteer teams and spark their interest in biomedical engineering.


H. Other

After the Seminar Series, official certification of attendance was awarded to those who had attended at least the ¾ of the seminars, according our registration lists, which were signed by every lecturer. The certifications were signed by the IEEE EMBS Greece Chapter.